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Birth after caesarean: Your Journey to a better birth

Birth after caesarean: Your Journey to a better birth

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Hazel Keedle

"Hazel has used the knowledge she gained during her PhD and woven this together with women’s stories in a truly delightful way. This is a very accessible book that directly talks to women, with great sensitivity demonstrated through the use of woman-centred, de-medicalised language. The central theme is that birth has the power to both transform and traumatise. Women do have a voice and they do have a choice and the ‘four factors’ of control, confidence, relationship and active labour are key to achieving respectful, transforming birth after caesarean section." -Professor Hannah Dahlen AM

Have you had a caesarean and are unsure of what your options are for your next birth? Do you want to have a vaginal birth but have been told “once a caesarean, always a caesarean”? Are you a birth worker and want to support women in their next birth after caesarean choices?

In this book Hazel Keedle explores the research around repeat caesarean and vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). Hazel introduces and explains the importance of the four factors to having a better birth. Using research from her PhD, Hazel gives practical advice for women and their support people on planning for a better birth. The book also includes birth stories from 15 women across the globe, from Australia to Europe and the USA. Their stories are varied and deeply personal and all planned for a better birth after caesarean.

Hazel Keedle is a Lecturer of Midwifery and completed her PhD in 2021 at Western Sydney University, Australia. Hazel has more than 25 years of experience as a clinician in nursing and midwifery, educator and researcher. Her research is recognised internationally and focusses on midwifery practice/education and women’s experience of maternity care. Hazel is passionate about improving support for women during pregnancy, birth and the early transition to mothering.

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