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Breech Birth Womanwise | Maggie Banks

Breech Birth Womanwise | Maggie Banks

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This is the must have book encompassing all aspects of breech babies and breech birth.

Maggie successfully draws together both midwifery and medical literature and combines the information in a way that is educational, informing and confidence building.

The chapters include information on:

  • Incidence & Types of Breech Presentation
  • Reasons for Breech Presentation
  • Diagnosing a Breech Presentation
  • Common Concerns with Breech Presentation
  • Considering the Evidence for Medicalised Breech Birth
  • Encouraging a Breech Baby to Turn
  • Considerations for Birth Planning
  • Positions for Labour & Birth
  • Giving birth
  • The midwife’s role
  • Assisting the Birth
  • Care of the breech baby following the Birth

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