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Fit To Be Tied: A Visual Resource for Parents

Fit To Be Tied: A Visual Resource for Parents

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Does your baby have feeding difficulties? Are you curious about tongue tie? Are you looking for an approachable tool to help you figure it out? This groundbreaking visual guide from board-certified lactation consultant Renee Beebe is here to help! Beebe’s written descriptions and detailed photographs explain how to look for signs of tongue or lip tie, how feedings may be impacted, how ties are commonly treated, and how to select a medical provider for treatment.

The subject of tongue tie often sparks sharp debate and wildly differing opinions. Lactation consultants, pediatricians, and social media influencers don’t seem to agree. Parents are caught in the middle of those debates and don’t know who to believe. 
Fit To Be Tied is a simple, balanced, visual guide designed to help parents confidently make their own decisions.

Fit to be Tied is packed with sharp, color photos, many of them taken by the author and her clients. As an IBCLC and frenotomy assistant, Beebe has supported thousands of parents and babies through breastfeeding and bottle-feeding struggles, tongue tie and lip tie diagnosis, and procedures. These photos show what signs to look for, as well as what to expect through the medical procedure of releasing a tie. They are a valuable resource for any struggling parent and an effective teaching tool for professionals.

You need this book if you are:

  • parent who’s confused about tongue and lip ties.
  • lactation professional who helps parents navigate the roller coaster of tongue tie.
  • pediatrician who wants to learn more about tongue ties without reading a technical book.
  • frenotomy/frenectomy provider who wants to help parents understand their baby’s anatomy and restrictions more clearly.

Some topics covered are:

  • Definitions
  • Signs of tongue/lip tie
  • Quotes and brief stories from parents
  • Impacts of ties on infant feeding
  • Choosing a release provider–including a handy list of questions to ask
  • Detailed descriptions of the procedure and healing process
  • Choosing NOT to have a procedure for your baby
  • Resources for additional information and more!

In Summary, Fit to be Tied is a book for parents and anyone who counsels parents on tongue and lip tie. Free from technical and medical jargon, it provides a balanced approach based on the vast experience of an IBCLC.

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