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Food Sensitive Babies

Food Sensitive Babies

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Joy Anderson AM

How can I help my baby?
How do I conduct dietary investigations?
Why/how does the food I eat affect my breastfed baby?
My baby has colic, reflux, poor sleep & difficulty settling.
My baby has rashes/eczema; green mucousy stools; or constipation.
What can I do about it?

This book is designed for parents and also health professionals unfamiliar with dealing with these issues. Joy uniquely blends her expertise as a dietitian with a special interest in food sensitivity and her experience as a lactation consultant. She covers all aspects of dietary investigation for breastfed babies, including ruling out possible causes of symptoms other than food, and includes coverage of the medical and scientific research relevant to this investigation.

An excellent resource for parents of food-sensitive breastfed babies and dietitians. Few dietitians have the breadth of personal and professional experience that has been the hallmark of Joy Anderson’s practice after decades of voluntary work as a breastfeeding counsellor and professional work as a lactation consultant. I am delighted to see this book in print at last, and will be promoting it.’

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